I’ve Been Busy

BeachSo I’ve been very busy this past week–ever since my internet came back that is. 🙂 Mostly, though, I’ve been preparing myself for my vacation to California. By the way, I took that picture to the left when I was in supernorth Cali for my sister’s wedding a few years ago.

In preparation for this trip, I have been organizing activities. Of course I like to play it by ear because it IS a vacation, but I also like to have a strict hourly schedule of events at all times. I have also been refreshing my resume and organizing my portfolio for the two interviews I have lined up while I’m in Sacramento–AWESOME! Perhaps if I worked there, I would make more than the MemberHealth “bottom quartile in your field.”

Don’t worry Shelley, I’ll keep this post upbeat–apparently my posts are a little morose or “debbie downer” for the average joe. I will say that my emotion is highly driven by the lives I live vicariously through television. This week the gay boys on Brothers & Sisters decided to get married while Alex, the timid yet dominant ME from CSI Miami, quit. Both occasions were cause for great emotion, and I personally will never be  the    same     ever      again.

Sidebar: Things that were verified today at work:
Oprah and Tom  1. Tom Cruise is a creeper
  2. It was Cinco de mayo and all Mexican restaurants saw a greater influx of patronage
  3. People should not ever dye their cats……you’ll see the picture later (slow your scroll)




I am so happy to be going on vacation, and I came home today to a distressed feline who insists upon hiding produce in all corners of the “house.” I then frantically packed my belongings into a suitcase, which hopefully is less than 50 pounds. OH, I forgot to mention the best part about how I love Continental airlines. They reserve the exit rows until 24 hours before the flight, and since I am slightly above average in height and a factorial above average in weight, I try to confirm my flight right away. I scored two great seats, and I’m very excited about them…so excited, but there better not be any babies…I cannot tolerate babies…I’ll allow ZERO BABIES on that flight…but in all likelihood, there could be upwards of 400 babies–more babies than a plane has room for!

Moving on, here is my business about the cats–I just think it is wrong. Even if it doesn’t hurt the cats, which it has to at least annoy them, it’s just ridiculous. Although it does look kind of cool, so here is me with Mardigras Horatio:

Our makeover 


One Response to I’ve Been Busy

  1. Christina says:

    well played, vacation dave, well played.

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