Emergency Preparedness

I read an article on CNN.com yesterday, except I can’t find the link for it, but I assure you it was a good article. It discussed how a panel of world-renowned physicians gathered to create a standard operating procedure for who gets treatment in an epidemic, such as H5N1 avian influenza. The premise of the entire article was that basically anyone who has any injuries, is old or crazy will all be killed…well not treated anyway. I guess I’m OK with that. It makes sense–you must be objective and logical in the thought process of sustaining the human race when supplies and medical equipment are limited. In summary what would really happen is this–all poor people would die, and the wealthy individuals would survive and use all of the medical equipment, and then the world would be repopulated with only rich people. It doesn’t sound too bad after all, except for that pesky “bottom quartile” salary range I fall into.

Moving on, this got me thinking about Shelley and how her husband is not concerned with safety. I, on the other hand, have my safety procedure mapped out at all times. Oh no, I just moved into a high-rise apartment building on the eighth floor…dangerous right? WRONG. Dangerous only to those who don’t plan. Dangerous to those who don’t follow the “please note the nearest emergency exit. this notice required by law” commercial at the beginning of movies, but not quite as dangerous to me.

I have already mapped out the location of all fire extinguishers, pull stations, and areas that feature sprinklers. I have also plotted my escape in a variety of fire scenarios–good news: Fire equipment can reach the ninth floor, so I would be OK. Should, however, the fire department be busy with others (since my apartment complex has its own voting district), I have other ideas:

bad idea

  1. 1. Horatio in a backpack; we use the comforter to catch ourselves in the tree as we jump…probably safer than my original idea of wrapping him in a blanket and throwing him out the window.
  2. 2. Scale downbalcony to balcony, provided there is no fire, have a sheet or blanket to help grab in case of falling…perhaps I should get a rope.
  3. 3. There are two traditional stair cases…nothing wrong with those.

At this time I have realized that my severe weather preparedness is lacking and I must immediately begin planning.

Until then,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh



2 Responses to Emergency Preparedness

  1. Skekky Shea Butter says:

    WhooHoo! I got two mentions! I WILL be putting this on my resume. “Frequent guest star on Paging Reflections”

  2. Allison says:

    I really like your blog better than christina’s BUT they are both amusing!

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