WOW–One of the craziest weeks of my life

No, it has not been the craziest, but it has definitely been one of the best. I have been so very busy making decisions about my move. Reviewing moving options: buy new? truck it? pod it? make it, print it, pack it, ship it? All too many options, but none of them is cost effective. In fact, each option is one million dollars, and I hate that. I also hate that I have to wait to get my economic stimulus check because I got fees taken out of my direct deposit–who doesn’t, and why does it make a difference? I call that hell annoying.

So I’m sleeping last night, and the fire alarms wake me up at a cheerful 3:30 am. Deciding that it’s too ironic for there to be an actual fire the week before I relocate, I decide to stay in the apartment. I did however move the flammable materials away from the door and prepare the cat carrier for emergency evacuation. I also did due diligence as far as searching for smoke, flames and burning people–but I saw nothing to raise significant alarm. It did, however, keep me up a while.

At work, I’m trying to transition everything to the new senior copy writer. He has some technology challenges, but seems nice enough. I literally give him three huge binders of things every five minutes, and them I’m like…I didn’t want to type anything up, so I wrote notes all over everything. Hahaha. Apparently I do a hell of a lot here, and I really don’t know how they’re going to manage without me. Seriously, it will take days to transition this crap, and then six months to get up to even close to my speed. Well, good luck with that I guess–I’m on to bigger and better things.

Speaking of which, I’m breaking my lease and fleeing into the night. I am not paying them any more money because they won’t even let me sublet my apartment. Lame. So, no more money for them, and I hope they don’t try to sue me.

I plan on packing up things over this next week, starting tonight, and then leaving memorial day week. Horatio will fly out the next week, and I’ll pick him up in San Francisco. Then I’ll start at E D A W the next week and hopefully have a good first week :).

Who wants to help me pack?

Who wants to drive across the country with me?

Who wants to give me thousands of dollars to supplement my moving costs?


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