My fellow Ohioans

This is the diary of david carr. meeeeheheheheh diarrhea. So I’ve been preparing for my move as you know. It’s been very stressful, but as I do more, it feels better. I keep telling myself it will all be OK. And, following my method of positive thinking, I will keep telling myself it will all go smoothly until I believe it or until I get to California. So far I don’t quite believe myself, but I do feel better for a while each time I get a mirror pep talk.

Today I reserved the Relocubes to pack my shit. Yea, save it, chuckles. They will bring them on a big truck and then unload them into two parking spaces. I hope that is OK because that is what is happening haha. I am then going to reserve elevator time and hire movers for that period of time. The Relocubes are coming on the morning of May 27th, and then they will be filled and shipped on the 28th. I will also leave on the 28th, shortly after dropping my keys in the box at the rent office.

I also looked into Horatio’s flight information. It will be $200 to fly hime to San Franciso, which is by far the cheapest leg of this relocation adventure. However, I have to get had to get him the biggest cage that was so many times his width and this plus that his length, etc. So I’m like holding this cat and measuring him, and he is looking at me like I just stepped on his favorite toy. Alas, I got the cage, and a collar and a nametag for him (which he didn’t like because he tried to eat it, but I think he’ll adjsut to it–and it’s a safety collar). And he is going to the vet on Monday to get more vaccinations for the trip and an ID microchip. I also need a certificate of health for him, but it needs to be dated no more than 10 days before his flight–well great because I’ll be in some hell middle state area where they eat cats at that time.

I’ve already started packing. I got some U-haul boxes and then had to exchange them for smaller ones the next day. I should have know they were too big when they didn’t fit in my car. My goal is to try to use one Relocube to save money, but you know i’ll have too much stuff too put in one, but not enough to constitute two, so it will piss me off a lot. I’ve also forwarded my mail and set all my utilities/cable, etc. to shut off by the end of the month. Basically when I’m packed up, it’s time to drop the keys and hit the road.


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