KFC and the Perils of the U-haul

First and foremost, in line with my food-first style of living, I want to discuss the KFC in my neighborhood. While I generally avoid the greasy, red-light-district, bone-in chicken fritters, a few times a year I am overcome with a yearning for some Colonel. And, the KFC was a brand new store, so you can’t beat that. I did, however, wonder if I would be welcome since I might be the “one little whitey in the chicken hole.”

Much to my surprise, this was the most elegant KFC I have ever been to, and we are talking pretty high end for KFC…it was border line approaching those new McDonald’s if you’ve been in them. Here I was expecting an experience worse than the time they tried to re-brand themselves as Kitchen Fresh Chicken, and instead, I found myself eating among the finer people of the community. Not to say that good people don’t normally eat at KFC, but usually KFC is a hole, I mean, come on. This place was really nice. I even shared a breast with Hillary Clinton. (That’s what she said)

Moving on to U-haul and my moving update. As you know, I will not be using U-haul because I feel I can save money by using a cube service that really is not easy to describe except by saying they move my shit for me. They are coming on the morning of the 27th and let’s hope they can get into my gated community or else I will have a problem. I have then hired movers to come later that day, but they can’t come until the afternoon. Bummer. Oh well, as long as the elevators work for us and the cubes are here and we can load them up, I will be happy. My goal is to clean up and close out my apartment that night, and then drop my keys in the rent box. I will then spend the night at my dad’s and start my drive to California on the 28th.

I called AAA to get a TripTik in case of a TomTom Malfunction, up to and including, but not limited to, being ejected by the airbag during an accident. I will not, however, be fixing my car springs or whatever because my dad doesn’t think it’s necessary just yet. We shall see if I break down. If I do, and I get it fixed for a reasonable price, no biggie. If my car explodes…not good. Apparently I have to take all my really fragile stuff and clothes and toiletries with me in the car…more stuff than I wanted to take, so I may have to do some repacking this week. That annoys me, but as long as my stuff gets to Cali, it’s all good right?

Horatio’s ticket has been reserved. He will arrive in San Francisco on June 4th, and it’s pretty annoying to ship an animal. I had to do all of this certification stuff and get more shots and even a special carrier for him. Oh well, I’m just glad to get him there asap!!!

Stay tuned for more details.


One Response to KFC and the Perils of the U-haul

  1. Allison Urbanek says:

    I can help you this weekend, Sat, Sun Or Monday. Just let me know what and where.

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