A License to Kill

That’s actually a pretty morose blitle (blog title). Anyway, today I got my California driver’s license–well, I am licensed to drive in California, I should say. I didn’t get my actual card yet because they apparently mail them to you here. I did have to take a written test, which consisted of 36 multiple-choice questions. I passed, missing four questions (you could miss six). Good thing I took the practice tests because Cali has different laws. For instance, you can make U-turns, but you can’t hit pedestrians…UGH, the confusion!

I also started the car registration process, but I have to finish it later because I forgot the title to the car–woops–and that’s kind of important. The annoying thing is I JUST renewed all of this stuff in Ohio, and now I had to spend another $150 to do it in Cali, which will include a smog test (kind of like an E-check in Ohio but more stringent. Hopefully I will pass. If not, I might die over it, or die because of it.

By the way, the DMVs (I am extrapolating–a nice way of saying stereotyping–from my one experience) in California are very organized and efficient, unlike the messy/confusing Ohio ones. I found myself enjoying the experience (as much as is possible) instead of abhorring it. Although, they don’t let you see your picture and “approve” it, so when I glanced at it later, I noticed I looked like a d-bag. They eye test also looked easy, that is, until I had to do one eye at a time, and I was like ummmm (climbing over the counter to read the giant E).


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