Settling In–Almost There/Approaching Settlation

I know I haven’t been blogging quite as much as I wanted to when I first got here, but even though I am currently without work and pay, I am very busy. Y’all I’m serious (spoken with Britney Spears impersonation voice). Horatio arrived this week via courier Jet, and he was like, “WTF, peace out!” But then he is settling in well. He hides a lot, but when no one is looking he ventures out to explore the house. He met the other cat yesterday, who didn’t seem to mind, but Horatio was a little freaked out and was making some unfriendly cat noises. So, I was like, “WTF, peace out!”

My room is mostly done. It’s all organized and put together fairly well, but the pictures and such have to be hung, etc. Also there is a giant book case that needs to be removed from the middle of the room. Unpacking my stuff was soooo annoying. It was so much stuff. I decided to leave a lot of it boxed up and only unpack what I would need…for now at least. Plus it will make it a less cluttered guest room, and truly easier to clean for me. My favorite part is that we NOW HAVE CABLE HERE, and my TIVO(R) can return to functioning as planned!

On a side note, a lot of my furniture was damaged in the move. Not too happy about that. Apparently if you don’t put 100 blankets around EVERY SINGLE ITEM, it will be vaporized and destroyed immediately. I even had nails come out of something…Really? That’s a lot of vibration and ridiculous. All of my dining room chairs were damaged, along with the book case, the OLD TV cart, a lamp, and many things inside boxes has their finishes rubbed off. ANNOYING! At least nothing happened to my secretary’s desk–nor my bed–or so it would appear because bad things would happen if anything had happened.

Anyway, I haven’t left the house in two days because of unpacking. So, today I am going to relax and venture out and about. Zoe, meanwhile, will enjoy eating and playing with all of Horatio’s cat toys even though she is a dog.


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