A last shindig before starting work

The shindig to which I am referring is a pool party hosted by Melanie and Vance with their frisbee friends. It was really fun, and they were playing a game of pool frisbee or something. Since I was trying to avoid the sun–since I hate using sunscreen–I was responsible for retrieving rogue frisbees. Well, the pool is asymmetrical and shaped like some sort of a weird kidney bean, which normally wouldn’t matter, unless you’re not watching where you’re walking and are heading in a straight line. While looking for a frisbee, I was heading along the edge of the pool as it cut outward, and I totally fell face first and fully clothed into the pool. It was the funniest thing ever, and I totally didn’t see it coming. At that point I decided to join in the game, and it was hard. I got a little sun and a good workout. Everyone was is on the fun, and I think Horatio even wanted to play–I have been saving this picture for weeks waiting for the right time to use it! I think I will be sore tomorrow, and possibly sunburned, for my fist day of work.

Sidebar: As you know I recently refreshed the design of Paging Reflections. I am also trying to decide how to do capitalization on my blitles (remember, a blitle is a blog title–learn it, do it, do it now). Should I do Initial caps on first/last/important words (traditional), all caps, one initial cap or all lowercase? I am leaning toward the last two. Help me decide…immediately.

Speaking of my first day of work, I have had a long “vacation” and period of rest–even though I have been busy every second of it with stressful moving and laborious packing/unpacking. I am a little nervous now that work is imminent. I think it will go well, but as with any new job, it is intimidating and new. I am no longer the person who knows so much about stuff or one of the go-to people for writing. I am the new blood who must ask questions and learn everything as quickly as I can to get my tasks done correctly, efficiently and in a timely manner. Stay tuned for more details.

I am getting sick of not having a working phone out here. I need to switch to AT&T soon, so I am going to try to get an IPhone sometime this summer if I can save up enough with my recycling money and birthday money.


4 Responses to A last shindig before starting work

  1. Christina says:

    I think you should do your blitles in code. * **** ******* ****** ******** ****. Perhaps an ampersand here and there for effect and artistry.

  2. Christina says:

    PS–that picture is frickin’ hilarious as is my mind’s eye snapshot of you belly flopping into the pool.

  3. Marie Emond says:

    You wish you were still in Ohio

  4. Marie Emond says:

    I typed a comment saying, “You wish you were still in Ohio.” It said, “Duplicate comment. It appears you have already said that.” Illogical. Never

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