my first day at e d a w

Let’s start this post by saying you are lucky that I am writing now because I am sooo tired right now,and there is a hole in my screen or something because bugs keep landing on my face–certain death…for me. I felt though, that I should blog about today, though, because I received all of your texts, calls, picture messages and harassing voice mails when I got home–since today I forgot my phone.

Anyway, today was good. I met way too many people, as expected, but I’m really making an effort to remember names–since I’m generally terrible at it. I was also introduced to the entire Sacramento staff at the Monday meeting. I have an office I share with the person I will be working with the most, so that seems good. The furniture they use though is so cool, it is very space efficient and has all these cool add-ons–and it looks awesome. I even got my ergonomic keyboard–of course. It was actually a pretty busy day. I went on a tour of the buildings, went on a team lunch, had a few meetings and started a task or two. Then, of course, I spent most of the day getting settled in and doing paperwork, et cetera, which I will finish on Thursday when I come back from two days of western marketing seminars (meaning all western folks).

I am excited to be back in the grind, and hopefully I’ll pick things up quickly. One thing, and this is a shout out to all my MH’ers left behind, that I was surprised to find was that I kind of feel damaged from coming from a negative environment. Granted is was my first day and I haven’t REALLY gotten a taste of anything yet, but people and the company seem genuinely upbeat and positive, unlike the environment/rock from which I crawled. In fact, I find myself instinctively challenging positivity subconsciously whenever I see it. That really struck me today, and that is definitely not okay. Of course, I will get used to it and be able to be a positive person just like everyone else, but the fact that it’s no longer a natural instinct is rather disheartening. But, let’s not forget my positive thinking outlook I brought with me to Cali! That is still alive and doing well, so perhaps than can lend me a hand subconsciously.

Okay, I’m tired now. Stay tuned for my work e-mail/contact info…I don’t know what it is yet. Oh, and I got my official Cali driver’s license today–YEY!


One Response to my first day at e d a w

  1. Allison says:

    Congrats, I am excited for you. I totally know what you mean by being damaged. I left a very negative environment for a very positive one and I am still adjusting and trying not to be so pessimistic! Hang in there, you’ll be back to normal soon.

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