tricky little google alerts and day two

So, as we know, I have taken steps to avoid google alertage of my blog–for the workplace anyway–but it STILL showed up today. That kind of annoys me. Apparently I must know refer to my company as Company E or EW, whichever I feel like typing. Again, not to be sneaky, it’s just I’m still new there and don’t want any super senior management person to get upset I’m blogging about it–even if it’s all good.

I wasn’t even going to write tonight because I’m so very tired. I didn’t get home until 10:30 p.m. But, the marketing conference was a really good way to meet people and network and get sort of a crash course in EW. I met all of the marketing people in the western region and spoke with a great majority of them. I am sure I’ll meet the rest tomorrow. What a way to start! Not only do I meet everyone, but I get to have conversations with every marketing person in the region. I think that’s pretty cool. Then we had cocktails and a nice dinner where we talked more. For a work day, it was pretty fun.

I forgot to mention the funny thing about today. We carpooled from the office to the hotel, and two of us were inside waiting wondering where the others were. I said, “They’re probably outside going, ‘Where are those guys?!'” Well, not five seconds later, a message comes over the intercom for David and Jim to come outside where your ride is waiting. It was hilarious and timed perfectly as in a movie. But, that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that when we got to the hotel we took a wrong turn and ended up ON the railroad tracks. We kinda thought that seemed like a weird parking lot, but we were trapped with no way out. The driver punched the gas and was going like 60 down the tracks and then squeezed by the side of a closed gate. We were dying of hysterics and a little of bit of terror. I, myself, thought it was a nice follow up to the weekend of falling into the pool.



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