i am disgusted by the armed forces

I was having a great day today, until I checked the news on CNN. A marine is being kicked out of the corps for HURLING a puppy over a cliff. The video was on YouTube, and you can kind of still see it. It is disgusting, and you can hear the puppy crying as it is thrown a hundred feet to the edge of the cliff and then disappears. They laugh and smile as they videotape it. Deplorable. Absolutely deplorable.

With that video, comes many others of them torturing puppies and blowing up dogs on the side of the road for fun. Not only are they doing it, which boggles my mind, but they are recording it and putting it online for amusement. I am outraged and so disgusted I am sick to my stomach. These are likely the same individuals who sign up for the service just to kill other people and could care less about defending their country.

The United States should launch a full investigation into cruelty to foreign peoples, animals, et cetera and identify all possible involved parties. Not only should these parties be dishonorably discharged, but they should also be imprisoned for the remainder of the service terms, if not longer. They should also loose all veteran statuses, benefits, or what have you (if they would normally be able to keep them in a dd). I don’t care how many wars we’re in or for how long. If you’re a soldier, you may be risking your life–and God bless those who do–but they should not get a pass for cruelty and criminal activity…even if it’s blamed on stress. The alternative is to NOT be in wars in the first place and to properly care for soldiers in the first place, and to not allow these sick individuals in the armed forces to begin with. Not to say I’d ever go, because they’d have a snowball’s chance before I’d suit up, but there has to be accountability. You don’t sign up for something and say “it’s hard, so I get a pass.” It’s time for the government to step up and penalize these vicious terrorists within our own ranks.

NOTE: This is only half the story. I know most enlistees are not like this, and in fact, are quite the opposite. I have seen stories of soldiers befriending dogs and even going through hell to bring them back to the states after touring. I think that is incredible. But, that makes it even more necessary to root out these bad apples ahead of time, or now, and hold them accountable. That puppy may not have survived in the desert, but it sure would have had a better chance running wild than being splattered over the side of a cliff.


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