battle of the green

We all remember how I led the charge in Ohio, at least in my life, as far as “going green.” I was the leader of the green team at the M plus H, and I recycled cans and water bottles every where I could–even driving them from place to place in order to recycle them. By the way, my mom just LOOOOVED having her lawn full of shit at all times, but whatever…she lives in a cardboard box in Streetsboro, which I recycled, so now she’s homeless. Anyway, my latest charge in Ohio was to become green and reduce my carbon footprint–reduce electricity, water consumption, etc. I was doing pretty well, too. With an average electric bill of $16.50, I wasn’t complaining, and CFLs are my best friend.

Moving to California, however, I have discovered I am “environmentally acceptable.” While I excel in some areas like recycling devotion, the depth and breadth (ugh, I hate that phrase) of the recycling capabilities here are spectacular. They recycle everything, and they even pay you to do it. I love it, and will measure my wealth as previously stated in “millions of nickels.” We have an entire corner of the house (the dining room) set up for recycling, and everything gets it’s own bin, so’s I can gets my moneys. I have, however, decided to step up to the plate on other environmental items as well. Living in Ohio, things never seemed too important, but when companies don’t have electricity (brownouts) or water (vineyards) to function, it can be pretty serious. So, I’ve enacted several more practices to save the environment.

Well, I guess I should say that I’m being more diligent about my previous practices, such as turning off the lights when I’m not in a room, etc. But, I am on a massive campaign to reduce water usage. Now nearly every time I wash my hands I get them wet, turn off the water to soap up and lather, and then turn it back on to rinse. I even do the same thing in the shower. If you think about it, you just waste all that water, so why not just turn it off? It makes sense for me because I wash my hands at all times and very thoroughly. For others, though, the shower trick may work. Or even the old “if it’s brown, flush it down; if it’s yellow, let it mellow,”adage. Of course I use this principle as well, but you must stay hydrated, and it is not recommended for the early morning hours or when color is equal to or darker than PMS 101 (that’s a color on the Pantone(R) Matching System, which can be seen here).

I think I’m going to try to get on the green office team at my new job. They don’t do paperless faxing or Ecobuttons, both of which could help reduce expenses and world destruction. Speaking of 401Ks, I enrolled in mine today, and I’m happy. I just need to roll my M—–H one over and it seems like it may be annoying. I’m doing 8 percent, which maybe too much for me but we’ll see. I also did an FSA, which is sweet because I bought Equate Ibuprofen liquid-filled capsules (Not to be unlawfully referred to as Advil (R) Liqui-gels(R)). I am also going to use it to buy my prescription sun glass, for which I need to make an appointment.

Anyway, stay in touch!


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