i love you iphone

It has been a long time since I’ve update my blog, I know. I have been busy being tired and crabby hahaha. Anyway, I was recently approved by my sister get an iphone–so I did, and I love it. It is amazing. It does everything you can imagine and more. It has all sorts of fun gadgets, too. I love it.

There are a few drawbacks. Sometimes it takes a few clicks to get to what you want (because there are no buttons), and overall it seems less customizable that each individual device would be by itself. Oh, and the battery definitely doesn’t last that long at all…must be charged daily or more! But, it’s all worth it (although the battery thing is something to monitor) because the things you can do are amazing.

I had to wait in line four hours to get this iphone and it was not an efficient process, which I had no problem telling Apple in its customer survey. They called me today, and I gave them constructive feedback. I was like, “I fuckin’ hate you.” hahaha Not really, but whatever. As you should know, I love filling out surveys. I have filled out four or five in the past two weeks.

This may sound like a negative entry about the iphone but only because I can’t spend the time to write about all the cool things it does. My sister who didn’t want me to get it is almost on the verge of getting one herself after playing with it one time. She hardly even uses her cell phone, but it’s so functional and awesome that everyone wants one.

That’s all for now, but I’ll try to write more very soon.


2 Responses to i love you iphone

  1. Christina says:

    damnit all to hell…now i’m going to have to get one., i hate you.

  2. Allison says:

    I can hoesntly say that I don’t want an iphone. But i am glad that you are enjoying yours~

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