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  • iPhone performs complex tasks but fails remedial cell challenge
  • California approve same-sex iPhones
  • Flex your spending power (without stealing often) by using FSA

 Main Event:
I know, I’m terrible. I haven’t been updating my blog. I can’t honestly say why either. I just get really tired and want to go to sleep. I am forcing myself to do it right now even though I totally want to go to sleep. So what’s new? Well, I of course got my iPhone and I love it. It literally can do everything. I can check e-mail, surf the Web, and download applications that allow me to find the nearest movie and more. Literally I could find the closest movie theatre, look at the times, view my closest Iphone users and tell them to meet me, get directions with the map tool, and then convert the number of blocks away to hectares in the units converter, start walking over there (of course reading news from my home town via the AP news ifeed) and then send an interesting article to my mom, realize I don’t have any money, check my account balance with either the internet or the account management tool (and if I have money I could find a bank or if I don’t I could update my facebook status as “broke.”)  I could go on and on…it’s just like the commercials only you can do soooo much more. Except you can’t get pictures or video messages. Go figure. I can use it as a remote to control itunes, but I can’t get a picture except via e-mail.

Anyway, work is going well. I’ve had the office to myself for a while and it’s really nice to have a little privacy. I worked long hours last week so this week isn’t so bad. i kind of like listening to my iphone on speaker…the ipod part that is…get used to me talking about it…i carry it everywhere and it is my significant digital other.

I had to take back my new rollerblades cuz they done had hurt my feets. I used the money to buy me ipod. Ya like that? I can bring it home every time.

I love having flex spending. I started taking Claritin D 24 hr or whatever, and it helps…I’m just evaluating how much…..oh maybe that’s why I’m tired. Anyway, I’m so tired I dont’ even care about typos or anything right now. But you know how they have it in the pharmacy and all that jazz, they were all scanning my information and trying to bring me down with their drug policy. i was like slow your control.

Speaking of flex…I also ordered new prescription sunglasses so we’ll see how that works out…I’m really excited. I got polarized lenses and everything, so I’m stoked about my super cool ray bans lol. I also excited about how i paid nothing and it’s all flexed. I’m less excited about how i have to pay the chiropractor upfront and get reimbursed. I’m still evaluating that whole situation.

Ok I have literally fallen asleep four times in the past two paragraphs so i have to finish up, but I did try at least.


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