le weekend arrive


  • Yey for weekend, good think I moved
  • Editing (an enticing elixir), I finally got some
  • Can’t you CC how awesome I am?; The perils of carbon copies–what about their green footprint?
  • Demonstrative success and accompanying satisfaction; Wonder Twin Powers Self Actualize!
  • Batting for the corporate green team…again
  • To rollover a 401(k) is to rollover in your grave
  • Keep it casual in the blog; rockin’ out with my runons out

Main Event
It’s the weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. I have been tired this week, but it was a productive week. I guess I have just been uber lazy outside of work. I found out there is still major changes and drama going down at the ole MH…no surprise there. So glad I got out when I did…who knows how much longer I would have had a job there anyway.

I got to do an editing project at company E. This was vury, vury exciting to me because I love editing. Except my boss forgot I had to do it, and it just happened to be when we had a lot of stuff to get done. The result was my workload exceeding capacity and extensive overtime for a few days (which I made up by taking some hours off this week). Anyway, what’s important is that my boss did remember, and then I was then allowed to focus on editing about 100 pages for two and half days. Oh how I long for the days of traditional marketing copy, but this was strictly technical for the most part with a mix of expository narritive. It took about 30 hours to edit the document thoroughly, and I was pretty happy with it. Apparently they were too, and by they I mean my brother in law because he asked me to do it since the editing department was booked solid. I even got an official notice of doing a great job, so that made me feel good (oh, and it’s totally not a family thing because if anything I would be held to a higher standard by family). Another success was that I took initiative with a project on which people were vacillating literally by the e-mail. They really liked what I asked the graphics department to do with it, and the project is shaping up well.

Interesting side note: sometimes I wonder if I should CC everyone on every e-mail because a lot of people seem to do just that at Company E. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, it’s just I have been in specific company cultures that exercised “less is more” with e-mail. I’m also not a big “thank you” e-mail sender. Ha, hopefully everyone doesn’t think I’m a rude asshole. Perhaps I shall CC more often. I guess it’s just that at MH, I went off and took care of my deliverables without much checking in unless there was a problem. Checking in, though, could be a good thing in moderation. At MH, it was a lot of mass project handling in a hurry. I also think having a month to do a project is awesome. That’s how long I have to do this one project that is wrapping up now. I was like a month? I would have had like a week at the MHer.

I think over time I’ll demonstrate–through performance and more careful attention to communications (whether it be CCing or follow up phone calls or ha mercy) that I can handle a decent level or responsibility and project workload. I think my boss was hoping I would be able to when she hired me and is starting to see it. I’m getting more assignments, and more diverse stuff…in addition to what I already do, so it’s heading in the right direction. I have to say I am pretty happy with how things are going.

Other news…I just asked to be on the green team here. I figured since I led it before I could be of some assistance and maybe think up some ideas they may not have thought of. Or it will still be a cool way to meet people. I also was on both the set up and clean up committees for the annual company picnic. Now, why I did both I don’t know, but it was a good faith effort to help out. I also got some cans out of it lol. AND some plants to plant in the garden. I like volunteering for things and being involved in committees. Partly because I like to help and partly because I like to have my say and have some control hahaha.

I just got my 401(k) rollover check FINALLY from UA’s stupid TransAmerica or whatever. Honestly rolling over is a big deal because it’s so annoying. I thought I could just be like, “put my money here.” This was not the case. In fact, it took me more than a month of phone calls, letters and e-mails to sort it out. But I finally got the check to send to my new 401(k), which I put in the company stock fund. Now, that should result in an immediate 18% company match, but since Fidelity doesn’t seem to know much about that I question this transaction. Oh well, it would only be a couple hundred dollars anyway, but I would like to get it.

I am struggling with my editing of blogs. Generally I like to polish whatever other people will see, but I get so tired by the time I’m done writing that I can’t think about editing it without cutting the content short. So my solution is that I will type fairly carefully and skip editing except for spell check. This way it will at least look like a natural blog with typos and not a flog :).


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  1. Christina says:

    a misplaced or instead of of completely changes the context and made me think you were stupid. hahahahaaha.

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