it finally caught up to me

All the horrible things I’ve done–the lying, the stealing, the secret life, and even involvement with a murder–have finally caught up with me. It started last week…just as I was totally kidding like right now. I don’t kill…yet. But I wanted to see if I could trick anyone with my intro, so I will skip the bullets this time; it seems more appropriate for the post anyway. The title of my post refers my life change. And no, although I am a senior citizen, I am not referring to menopause. The change to which I refer would be the move to California for a new job and life, leaving everything and everyone I knew behind–with my old life.

It’s something I always wanted, and let’s get it straight, too, I don’t regret it for a second. I love it here, and I love the way things are going for me. The change was what I needed, but it never really hit me–at all. I just moved here and continued life like it was another regular day. I didn’t miss anyone, and I didn’t miss being at home. I didn’t miss Ohio either. I had places to go, people to meet, and a new job to master.

Well, two and a half months in, I am really anxious for no reason. My job has some stress, but it’s so much less stress than my old job it’s not even funny. My finances still aren’t good, but I’m staying on budget and in a controlled and monitored environment that is functional and effective–debt is quickly reducing (although it will be a while)–and I don’t have to pay for an apartment. I still haven’t met anyone though, and I don’t have any friends. I guess that bothers me a bit because I thought I would by now, but it’s still nothing to get upset over, so why would I? I know I take a while to warm up to a place, so by Christmas maybe I could be worried, but not now. So, why the anxiety? I don’t know, but it’s annoying. I am a bit homesick, but nothing unexpected and certainly nothing intolerable. It may just be going through the year and seeing how things are different (e.g., the 4thof July, Halloween). I guess I also miss lunch with my old co-workers, and gross cuz they’re totally all reading this.

I’m sure things will work themselves out, and I’m sure my anxiety will subside…one way or another. I’ll either get massages or drug it out with antipsychotics–that’ll do just fine. I guess if I just had one wish it would be that Netflix let me see all new movies ever in reverse chronological order–not just the ones they THINK I want to see.

Anyway, I got a cute canvas bag from Target (R) today and a little crate to hold all of my drugs for on top of the frige. It was starting to look like a pharmacy. There were OTC pain killers of all sorts, which don’t get me started on that because, as a fellow marketer, I would expect that packaging differences not only treat appropriate ailments but also have different ingredients. If it’s the same then fucking cram it all on the same box. Are people that stupid? I guess they are, but still…it seems wasteful and annoying. Like you could have 100 varieties of Advil (R) for all of the cures it boasts. Advil Ass Pain Gel tabs and Excedrin (R) Vagina Dentataquick-release caplets–both helpful, but you know it’s just regular Advil and regular Excedrin.

Anyway, people ask me why I use appropriate marks when identifying a brand, and by ask me I mean no one has ever asked but maybe they wonder. Well to those potential wonderers I say this: I am writing for view of everyone, and since my initial intent of this blog was professional–at least to some extent–it stands to reason that I could someday profit from this blog. Not in my mind or any one else’s, but possibly in the court of law, as we all know how great that is–I digress. Moving on, These products, services, etc. are property of the companies that developed and/or own them and/or their names–or something like that. Therefore, I have no choice but to respect their legal rights and give them credit where due…except Netflix. In fact, I will make an effort to do so more effectively and introduce appropriately verified trade or service marks on first reference henceforth and may go back into previous entries to correct them. I would recommend you do the same in everything you do, including speaking. For example, you do not wipe your nose with Kleenex, you “wipe your nose with Kleenex(R) brand tissues.” And, if you use another brand, you get the picture, unless it’s Puff’s (R), and that’s just deplorable. I won’t even verify that trademark, so you check it out. I would assume it’s a registered trademark, but whatever.

And I’m through


2 Responses to it finally caught up to me

  1. Christina says:

    Yeah, that’s about right…it takes a couple of months for the excitement to wear off and reality to kick in. It will swing back the other way again soon, drug assisted or not. Hopefully it will not result in murder :-). I’ve tried the Excedrin (R) Vagina Dentataquick-release caplets…very effective.

  2. Allison says:

    You and Chris are weirdos. I like how you wrote that you missed your co-workers from Ohio. I just wanted to let you know that your family misses you too. But, personally speaking, I think you made the right choice for you and soon you will be excited to visit Ohio, but will be excited to go HOME to California. If you understand what i am trying to convey.

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