new blogging strategy?




After reviewing Lesley’s blog, I have decided to undergo a review of my blogging strategy. This review required feedback from the peanut gallery. Should I continue the CNN-style highlights? I like the headlines because they are amusing and provide detail at a glance. This leads me, though, to questions two: should I limit the number of topics per post or should I address only one topic per post? If I only do one topic at a time, I wouldn’t need to provide highlights. Perhaps a solution would be to provide more of a newpaper satire-style headline, but should this be the blog title or the first line of the post? Now, we all know that focused blogging isn’t exactly my stle. So, I’m most likely going to be working on multiple ideas at once. My posts would be shorter, but if I save them and only post one at a time, I could embelish them with more photos and links…oldschool style…and still roll them out on a decent schedule without publishing five posts in one day. Me thinks perchance this is a good idea, and I request immediate feedback. I think I’m going to give it a try for a few days and see how it goes. Provide feedback immediately or I will close down the entire internet.


2 Responses to new blogging strategy?

  1. Christina says:

    I very much enjoy the bullet highlights. And I think your strategy of multi-topic blogging encapsulates your humor the best.

    Lesley’s blog is in a whole ‘nother realm of intimidation (yeah, that’s right les, you are kicking our asses)

    I do want you to not use a black background with white text. It taxes my rods and cones.

  2. Christina says:

    Oh, and I feel like the blitle should be more of a reflection on the whole piece, much like the last line of a haiku.

    or dirty limmerick.

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