a new side of paging reflections

Today marks the launch of a new series in my blog called “B(R)ANDING.” This new feature will appear from time to time with one to three featurettes discussed within. Brands may be investigated for crafty marketing, unruly practices, or even because I just couldn’t think of anything else.

#1: As I was snacking on my gallon-size jug of Pepperidge Farm (R) cheese-flavored, delicious fishes  the other day, I noticed something. Pepperidge Farm has a monopoly on these sea creature crackers. Indeed I reference the accompanying (R) to Pepperidge Farm’s “Goldfish.” And, how “Goldfish (R)” is employed on packaging warns that no other company may use the “Goldfish” name when detailing their tasty cheese cracker treats. In fact, Pepperidge had registered trademark on the shapeof the actual cracker. I’m not sure how that works, but that’s pretty hard core. And no, I’m not talking about the silly little mascot, Finn (R), who obviously is proprietary. The actual cracker is off limits. I’m curious to see if there are generic fishes out there or if they are sharks or whales or some other sea dweller. Ok, there are whales–I just looked it up–but are there any fraudulent goldfish? That is your homework. Also, is the fish in the picture registered? Do your homework. (Hint: he’s smiling) 

soy beans?

#2: On a lighter note, I would like to discuss something less upsetting–something even uplifting. How about soy? No that’s boring…unless, that is, it’s fortified with optimism TM. Much better! Now we have Soy Joy (R)! I don’t actually know what this whole campaign is about, except probably to raise awareness. I have to hand it to the agency, RPA, for relaunching the product with a winning slogan…it stays with you. I don’t know that I care for the pedophilic bunny/kangaroo who dances with bouncing soy bars on the Web site, but all in all well done. I have to admit my interest is piqued with these soy bars–have you heard of them? Let’s just hope they don’t taste like they’re fortified with diarrhea.


One Response to a new side of paging reflections

  1. Allison says:

    arent the fish goldfish ( like the registered kind)…i those kind were the ones who smiled.

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