why senator obama will not get my vote

If you’ve been following the DNC, you know that Hillary gave a speech in support of Obama. You know that Bill gave a speech in support of Obama. You know that everyone has been giving speeches to try to convince the public that Obama is ready…to try to convince Hillary supporters to vote for him. And while I am mystified by the senator’s ability to campaign effectively, I am not convinced. If he is ready to run, why does he need highly qualified former opponents to rally in support of him. Perhaps a large portion is that I just feel jaded–as do millions of other Hillary supports. Last I checked, only about 60-some percent plan to vote for Obama. A slam-dunk Democrat election is now just another swing election. If Obama wanted to win, he should have chosen Hillary. The day he chose the old white guy is the day he made his campaign more comparable to the McCain. Now, Obama and Biden do make a formidable team, but I do think they have lost lots of votes by trying to appeal to a wider audience. Why not appeal to the 540 billion Hillary supporters?? Now not only do they have to be convinced, they are pissed she’s not VP!

The Obama camp has to now appeal to the masses while working extra hard to win those Hillary supporters. The thing is, I think they just think we’ll all come around and vote for the party because that’s what’s best and that’s what Hillary wants. Well, that’s what Hillary says now. Hillary is doing what’s best for the party, but she was against Obama just months ago, and I never supported him. I don’t think he can get done what he wants to get done, although some of his IDEAS are good. Hillary was my candidate and still is. I never wanted Obama, and he is not my candidate. I joke about launching the Abstain (from voting) for McCain Campaign, but it’s kind of how I truly feel. I am super pissed that Hillary isn’t going to the white house. I’m not going to vote for McCain, but I cannot bring myself to vote for Obama. I plan to vote for Hillary–still.

Will I be happy if McCain wins? Of course not. But can I live with my decision if Obama loses? Yes. As I said before, he is not my candidate. If the democrats loose, it’s not the fault of the angry Hillary supports–it’s Obama’s fault for not choosing her.

That’s my stance as of now. Hopefully the Ocamp has something in the works to combat this mentality because I’m sure there are millions of voters who feel exactly like me. It is my greatest hope that they will be able to win us over in time for the election.


3 Responses to why senator obama will not get my vote

  1. Christinoire says:

    Just remember, abstinence is how W. got elected, shortly followed by blind stupidity. Maybe if Barbara participated in abstinence, we wouldn’t be in the mess in the first place.

    But although I’m not jumpin’ on the Obamarama train, we still need every vote to get the democratic party elected. Otherwise we have no chance of getting out of this hole. We (and even our parents) did not grow up in an era where things were truly difficult. We are headed there now. Don’t allow stubborn pride to let McCain slide into office.

    You also have to remember that when people go to the polls, their true colors emerge and let the bigotry fly. You think middle America is going to see a ticket with a Black American and a Woman and vote for it? I guess I just don’t have the faith that our country is progressive enough to do the right thing. He had to pick Biden to have a chance with the middle of the country.

    Think about the issues that are important to you. If you abstain, you are saying it is OK for things to continue the way they are. Complicity by non-action is just as ugly.

  2. Allison says:

    I agree with Christina 100%. I didnt like Hillary at first and then when the primaries rolled around i felt like she had won me over. Am i sad that she didnt make it as the nominee, yes but i am not going to let that stop me from voting. By voting you are saying ( whether it is counted correctly or not, that is another horse of a different color) that you will not allow this Country to go to Hell in a Handbasket without a fight. Voting is our DUTY! Not just a right. I hope that you will reconsider, especially with the living hell that is going to descend upon the earth if McCain is elected. Please dont vote for Hilary. It is not going to make a difference. It is going to split the vote. It would be just like voting for McCain and you stated that you didnt want to do that. So i hope that our pleadings will make a difference. Also check out planned parenthood site..good ol’ GW is trying to pass a law that will allow physicians define abortion- meaning that they can decline prescribing birthcontrol if they believe it is equal to abortion…email you Representatives and tell them that you are against it. I did and Sherrod Brown emailed me back and said that he and Hilary are going to stop it. Hilary is great and even though she wont be President this time around, she is trying to help all she can!

  3. Jenn says:

    After watching some of the DCN I have decided that what we really need is Bill Clinton for 4 more years!!! How do you make that happen?
    I am not loving the Obama yet, but we definitely need the Democrats to win! So, suck it up and vote for Obama…afterall you were the one that told me when we went apple picking that we have to vote for whomever gets the backing because we can’t split the vote. HA!

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