healthcare is so advanced (for 1902)

It came to me the other day when I was watching unsolved medical mysteries or something to the like. First of all the show is stupid, but it’s entertaining. The premise is they go over the symptoms of a mystery disease in a recreated dramatization (rescue 9-1-1 style). The problem is they go through all this drama, and then they’re like “she had diabetes.” Very anticlimactic, but I digress. (Did you gather that I like to say that I digress?) What came to me was that modern-day medicine is hella stupid. Don’t get me wrong–it’s way more advanced then it used to be. Science has done some amazing things, but if you look at the bigger picture of where we are in the world and all we can do, it’s really not that great. The fact that you can have something wrong with you and either not know what it is or be misdiagnosed or a range of other possibilities just boggles my mind.

my prototype

I make the prediction that in about 50 years or so, you will be able to go to the doctor and get a checkup that literally checks every aspect of your physical being, both internally and externally. This future of medicine could come in the form of a machine that scans you and samples your blood…perhaps examining your skin and measuring your vital signs and brain activity. Maybe it could even be used for dental and psychological purposes as time progresses.

This notion, of course, is decades away, but I guarantee you that some form of this will one day come to fruition. Some machines are probably doing pieces/parts of it today anyway. Maybe robots will be part of lives by then. It sounds kind of exciting and sci-fi, but it will happen. If you read any scientific journals, or even my post about robochucky, you will see it’s true. What’s more interesting is that it will change the face of the medical industry. How will doctors prepare for this future? It will be more of a training course in machine usage than disease understanding. But of course there will be the resistance movement in society and in schools that will teach traditional medicine but prepare doctors exactly how to use this machinery. After all, I didn’t say it could cure anything. I think between how much diseases mutate and how much money can be made off of treatment, we aren’t going to see major diseases eradicated any time soon. We should just start embracing my idea and at least KNOW what’s wrong with us so our treatments are more effective…early detection is often key.

I did some snooping to see what was really going on in the labs of the local medical school. Above you can see they are dealing with a prototype of my design, and they are clearly not ready for it. I can see why, too. I went to check out their current equipment, and I found they’re still running Windows (R) Feline (puRr).


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  1. Ariel w/ an E not an A says:

    I have a strong feeling that there are no comments to this post because that was the most moronic babble to ever pour out of that pudgy pout. Try stopping by a library and picking up some texts. IDIOT!

    Additionally, what is the deal with that dwarfed emoticon on the bottom of this? When highlighted, it becomes a slanted smiley.

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