n’habite pas a haiti

This satellite image from Monday shows Hanna over the southern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Haiti is right around the "fucked" area

If you’re following the recent hurricane traffic, you’ve noticed that there has have been beaucoup de hurricanoes. As a meteorologist in theory, or a theoretical meteorologist, I can conclude that the worst place to live is Haiti. The storms certainly aren’t helping either. I have included several pictures, which illustrate just how badly the nation has been affected. I was tracking the storms because I like colorful pictures and easy-to-follow charts when a pattern emerged: Haiti is 100% going to be wiped off the face of the earth in one week.

Hanna just had to dip down for a visit

There have been about eight storms so far this season, the past four nearly touching. Haiti, barely recovering from Tropical Storm Fay, got slammed by Mr. Gustav. As I write this article and made the discovery, Hurricane Hanna is tearin’ it up! Then Ike is forecast to clobber the region with Category 4 strength. (That’s a terrible word…clobber.) As I was reading this on CNN.com, I said, “Wow, so if you live in Haiti, you will for sure die immediately.” THEN, I saw the story Haitians ‘Screaming for Help’ After Storms and started laughing. Now, that’s not really funny, but it is ironic that I saw it right then.

Now, I guess all of the islands out there are mostly equally screwed from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas–some a little more, some a little less–but I just felt like singling Haiti out because it’s right in the middle. I’m not poking fun…well, even if I were, no one there is reading it…or won’t be after this weekend. What, too soon? 

Update: I read on CNN that a couple hundred people died in Haiti because of these storms, and the governor is calling out for international help.

Oh, and there’s now a little buddy behind Ike…Josephine.


One Response to n’habite pas a haiti

  1. PauvrePlume says:

    Grammarienne française (c’est moi) vous explique que la préposition correcte pour Haïti est “en” puisque ce nom commence par un son voyelle (le “h” muet). Par exemple, on dit “Je vais EN Italie / J’habite EN Angleterre,” etc., au lieu de “à la/l'”. Bizarrement, Haïti c’est un nom neutre — ce n’est ni masculin, ni féminin. Donc, on dit “J’aime Haïti” et pas “J’aime LE ou LA Haïti.” Ne me demande pas pourquoi.

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