media snapshot

Well, I accidentally forgot to post this when I wrote it. So, even thought it SEEMS like it’s been seven hours and 15 days, I assure it hasn’t been that long. And anyway, since it’s my blog, I can blog whenever I waaa aaaant. I don’t, however, want to lead you astray. This is not your traditional entry. I smell the premier of another new blog segment! You may recall the recent launch of “B(R)ANDING” and all the successful love it brought to the world. Well, this new segment–called “Media Snapshot” will take my random posts about things I see on TV and read on CNN and aggregate them into a singlepost. It will actually bring back a little of the flavor of my old-style/old-school blogging.

I feel that I was bantering on like a jollyratchet about hurricanes and boys and music and jellybeans and stickers too much to warrant individual posts. BUT FRET YOU NOT! I’ll stll continue to blog individually about current events and important issues; I’ll just be able to inform you about trivial matters without going into much detail.

For instance, this week I have been watching, reading about and listening to various climate change pieces. Well, apparently other countries will be wayyy more affected by global warming than the United States–like fucked affected–while we continue to pollute. Can countries sue other countries? They should sue us. In a separate show, I also watched two innovative ideas to address the climate change terror. 1) Deploy special, helium-filled wind turbines above areas to capture the high wind energy at 1,000 feet in the air, and then hold these turbines in place with a conductive tether. It still needs work, but it was pretty fucking cool. 2) Use flexible buoy tubes to pump cold water to the ocean surface. The cold water has more nutrients and immediately generates plankton surges, which “eat” C02 from the air and then take it to the bottom of the ocean. That idea worked too, but still needed some improvement and could have severely negative effects on oceanic eco-systems.

That was all I had written, but I feel the need to expand since it’s been a while. Today marked the launch of my company’s seminar series on le change de climate. I learned that forest fires are also getting much worse, and they are directly proportionate in severity to average summer temperatures. That second part may not be so surprising, but what was surprising is the solution proposed. One idea is to thin forests that would burn by cutting down some trees–lots of them. Part of that is replacing thin trees with really thick trees (don’t as me how that’s done) because one big tree burning would take the place of several smaller trees burning, and also, these larger trees hold more carbon than smaller trees. Do some research on this–it’s pretty nifty. My solution is to create robots for the job, give them chainsaws, and then global warming won’t matter because they will terminate us.


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