weekend roundup

Is this yet another series premiere? It’s like blog sweeps. I dunno, I’m trying things out constantly and then I never do them again hahaha. So here’s what happened this week in the form of the alphabet:

A: Almost immediately did I resent going in early on a monday because I could have just called from anywhere.
B: Batteries do funny things when they die. That is if it’s the battery running your car and when it dies in a McDonald’s parking lot–I can assure you I was not loving it.
C: CVS/Caremark caused me to loose my mind…
D: Drugs were dispensed–fucking finally–and after spending $200
E: Eight million dollars. That’s how much I had to spend to get my car fixed.
F: Finger–I sliced it open when making apple crisp. It was a deadly affair and it hurts like a bitch.
G: Good Samaritan–a sexy little chap who helped me get my car going the first time.
H: HIV–What my iPhone keeps trying to type every time I type “have.”
I: iGenius–A new feature on Itunes that amuses me by telling me which songs I may like. We’ll see, we’ll see.
J: Jenny wouldn’t buy the new Jessica Simpson CD and she was supposed to so I could get it for free. She took forever.
K: Killing me were my legs and feet…man I need a massage. Luckily the company is bringing in our quarterly massages
L: Long–This post is going to be very long.
M: MBA–I need to start studying for the test for it and I don’t know math.
N: News about Natural disasters, such as Ike…I keep up.
O: Oh EM GEE–My 401K keeps going down…faster than it’s going up because America’s fucking shithole ghetto trashbag economy.
P: Poop–what Vance got on his hands after picking up Horatio. Strangely Horatio was clean.
Q: Queers are pretty ubiquitous in midtown…that’s why I need to be there…so I can know them all.
R: Righteous Kill is the name of the movie I went to see on Sunday. It was ok.
S: Second Saturday. I went this time, and it was really fun…
T: Too bad I can’t afford any of the art I see there.
U: Unicycles are dangerous and therefore should not be allowed at second saturday. I didn’t see any, but I did see a bicycle build for two (I hate that term, so that’s why I used it)
V: Vehicular homicide–i’d consider it…
W: When people get in my way. Another option is snap of their…
X: Xyphoid processes.
Y: Yes, I can be violent (but I’m too lazy)…otherwise, I’d belong in a
Z: zoo


3 Responses to weekend roundup

  1. PauvrePlume says:

    I’m sorry, but you got your “F” wrong. It should read:
    F: Freakzoid. I’ll be your freakazoid, come on and wind me up!

  2. PauvrePlume says:

    oops, I spelled “freakazoid” wrong at the beginning. crapcakes.

  3. Jen says:

    MBA: I swear if you dont know math you will do fine. they dont ask you to solve any math problems, they just like to ask you if you can solve the problem.

    My advice…get the study books and use them. You just have to study how to take the math part. Other than that is should be easy.

    Oh, and if you register for the test months in advance they will send you a disk with a practice test on it and information.

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