anti-social, socially retarded or just plain retarded

So I may be anti-social…or just a big loser hahaha. No, but seriously, I think I am anti-social–possibly a candidate for Social Anxiety Disorder. That, as its initials indicates, makes me saaaaaaaad. I think about going to bars and clubs, and I just don’t want to go. In fact, it takes an act of nature to get me there. I tend to have fun, but it’s nervous fun. I never let go and relax until I’m drunk, and we all know I never drink. So I say, why bother? What’s wrong with curling up in bed on Friday night to watch a Lifetime movie? You may think that’s lame, but you’ve obviously never seen Gracie’s Choice or True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet. The point is, when I come home from work, I am tired somethin’ fierce. I don’t need to be gettin’ all up in other people’s business–I just need to relax.

Let’s not even mention how I don’t have any money…or should we? I try to do a few entertainment-related things. Movies, jellybeans, stickers–hours of fun, right? Well, with movie prices now more than $10 per person, it’s often too luxurious to go to the movies at night. Plus lots of people are there, and not only do you have to sit nearer to them but also hear them making noise. That’s why I prefer matinees, and yes, I do go by myself. So now we’re moving back to the diagnosis of a senior citizen. I do carry my new briefcase-manbag over my arm like Sophia from The Golden Girls. Since this is the most well-received explanation, I think that’s what I’ll continue to go with. I do think, though, that it’s a combination of everything…and laziness.


2 Responses to anti-social, socially retarded or just plain retarded

  1. Xtina says:

    Well, I don’t think an unwillingness to go to clubs and bars is S.A.D. I think it is just that eventually one grows tired of watching drunk people act like idiots and try to hook up. Boring. It is MUCH more entertaining to stay home. Maybe you should have a little “Lifetime” party of non-party people. Then no one will care if everyone doesn’t talk to each other and just stares at the TV.

    BTW, bars and clubs exist only for the drinkers in the world, and it is not the only social outlet in the world. Have you considered Quilting? hahahahaahaha.

  2. shea says:

    Maybe you need to hang out at the local nursing home. You just might find the SF you are looking for. Lots of meds there too!

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