Moving from the traditional, antiquated and soon-to-be-obsolete medium of the newspaper, I have recently taken a closer look at podcasts. Over the past year I have been monitoring this medium. For years people having been raving over the potential of podcastery, but have they actually begun using this technology? Yes. In fact, in recent months, the number of “valuable” podcasts has increased substantially. I say valuable meaning things that could look to have some regular-use interest to a significant number of people, and by substantially I mean a lot. I haven’t actually measure the increase in the number of podcasts, but it’s increased so much it’s almost an amount.

In my media exploritaus, I have begun downloading several podcasts–various NPR features, business tips, and several grammar-related ones as well. Nowadays, there seem to be several podcasts available to an audience seeking just about anything up to and including (but help me sweet Jesus not limited to) sex games and the goings on of American Idol runner-up David Archuleta.

You should be embrace podcasts, or at least check them out. You don’t need an iBrand to subscribe, and they’re free. You do, however, need iTunes. Get on it…you may be surprised.


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