a few random thoughts

This is my costume. Kidding.

– For Halloween, I am going to be “The Big, Bad Wolf.” I already got my costume.

– It was raining yesterday–the first time since I moved here–and as I walked out of target I forget for a moment that I lived here.

– I love the fall weather. It is gorgeous and clement and I could just die enjoying it. San Diego is like this all year I’ve heard so I may end up in southern California some day.

– When you leave comments on my blog, please leave them from the same name/e-mail address. I’m always having to approve random comments because apparently everyone does a different name every time. STOP IT! haha, but for real.

– I signed up for monthly massages today because my body needs them. I can’t really afford them, but it’s soooo much cheaper to do it this way, and I can cancel if I really get in a bind.

– I was getting a mischarge corrected on my receipt at the grocery store, and the guy was trying to give me back thirty-some dollars, when it really was just supposed to be ten. I hate that I’m honest. hahaha

– My 401(k) has declined so much in value it’s ridiculous. I wonder why I even put money in there with the state of the economy. At least I’m young enough to get over it, but I feel terrible for people who literally lost years of living money if not more from this little disaster.


– Relatedly, my bank failed in the financial crisis, marking the largest bank failure in the history of the United States. Luckily Chase stepped in and bought it from the FDIC so I didn’t have to get my money back by filing a claim. It could have been a huge mess that you really don’t think will happen. Luckily I really don’t have any money.

– Research suggests that “on accident” will be the preferred term of future generations over “by accident,” which is the current preferred term. There is no certainty why this change has happened except perhaps media influence, since children overwhelmingly prefer “on accident” whereas it’s far less common among adults 35 years and older.          I hate this, so make sure you scream and yell at anyone who says “on accident.” Don’t be polite. Tell them they are stupid and you hate them and hope they die…even if they are a group of toddlers.


2 Responses to a few random thoughts

  1. J to the Lizzle says:

    I shit on the front lawn ON accident

  2. PauvrePlume says:

    The dirty wolf in that picture looks like Alf fell in a tar pit.

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