B(R)ANDING in the shower

It occurred to me the other day when I was in the shower–the focus of my next B(R)ANDING blogcast this is. Now, some people make fun of me for using women’s products, but I say shut the fuck up because I like them and they are generally milder and better for your skin. This announcement brings me to the product of today’s feature, which is Caress(R) Moroccan Exotic Oil Infusions (the purple one). Of course we all want to have moisturizing body wash, and most of them claim to be moisturizing, but who really is the best? I’ve tried different ones and really just end up choosing the one that smells the best. That’s what’s particularly grand about this product…it smells amazing! I love it, and I cannot get enough. There are two other colors, and one is pretty good (Red/Japanese), but the other one is not at all. I think that one is like Saudi Arabia Oil Infusions, which may very well be crude oil (topical humor alert).

Let’s get back to the moisturizing component of the body wash. How many ways can you say moisturizing? Well you can add magical ingredients…perhaps shea butter, milk, honey or green tea. Those may have healing effects, but they are also mostly beverage flavorings. Let’s try infusing it with precious oils for foreign lands…ooOOOoo, that sounds fancy. This creamy oil lather should do the trick right? Plus, we all remember it’s Caress. And what do all women (and most men, but in a different way) do before they dress? Caress.

Cheers to Caress of Unilever for its at least its clever marketing of the product. It’s an inviting package that draws you in and makes you want to try it. Even a skeptical and informed marketer like myself was intrigued. I have to say, too, that it seems to do a pretty good job of infusing moisture in my skin. I really like it, and it smells great. You must look for it at the store and tell me if I’m biased because I like it.


2 Responses to B(R)ANDING in the shower

  1. Allison says:

    i am quite partial to Dove

  2. Jen says:

    You’re not fully clean unless you are zest fully clean!

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