future fags….smokin’

Blank_packetsYou may have heard me talking about the future branding of cigarettes before. I mentioned that regulations were getting much tougher, and Big Tobacco is left with fewer creative devices. Now, many of you may not know that cigg companies know their time is limited. They’ve know it for years, and they are such huge conglomerates that right now they’re just enjoying it whilest they can…and hey, for them, it’s hundreds of billions of dollars worth fighting for. It is not, however, their 30-year business plan.

I recently mentioned the removal of the words “light” and “ultra light” from packaging. While I cannot confirm if this actually happened yet, I believe it will soon. Now, the UK is starting down the path cigg companies expected next…complete de-branding and standardization of cigarettes. Taking away all glamour smoking has and adding even more warnings to the package. The United States isn’t too far behind. Give it five years or so, and this will likely be the new cigarettepackage. I can only hope so…that is one nasty product that needs to disappear.


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  1. PauvrePlume says:

    Yo, B.A.G…. Have I already asked you if you watch “Mad Men”?? Because it rules, and since you’re such a marketing/advertising nerd, I think you’d really like it, too… It’s on AMC on Sundays.

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