I, Pomegranate

 This weekend was filled with sense-tantalizing events. Melanie (my sister), Vance (my brother-in-law), and I–who are to be herein know as “the crew”–did some fun things. On Saturday we went searching all around the county it seemed for viable pomegranate trees. We collected many poms from each tree, some of which belonged to people, but we never entered yards to thieve them. If they were hanging over a fence or in the street, they were deemed public domain poms.

I must say that the pomegranate raids with the crew were quite a thrill. It was exciting on many levels. First the thrill of scouting out new hot spots, and then the thrill of securing booty followed by a hasty escape. There was a drawback though. These trees are very scratchy, and I was quite scathed by the adventure. It was worth it…Take a look at that bowl of poms to the left. That bowl is on our coffee table, and that’s just about half of our loot. They’re sooooo good, and free!

NOT how to make them

NOT how to make them

Later that day, we carved pumpkins as the traditional fall tale would tell. Oh what a collection of pumpkin seeds we had. Luckily my sister and I agree on how to cook most things–except for anything to do with chocolate–and we, within and hour had tasty, tasty seeds covered with greasy oil and salt. mmmmmm

The senses were stimulated more by the hookers. Ok, maybe not, but my sister did have a frisbee party later and there were certain people running around naked for some reason. Unfortunately for them they had just gotten out of the pool and they all feel on the slippery floor. Amusing, but kind of like that Seinfeld episode when the nudist tries to open the jar.

On Sunday, I rode a bike and it was enjoyable for the first time in years. Vance fixed a bike for me to have and we all went pom scouting around Davis. Luckily I’m tall and can get some high ones. The problem isn’t so much finding trees as it is paying attention to the road. I almost slammed into a parked car within the first two minutes and nearly fell of multiple times. I’ll get the hang of it…it’s just like, um, riding a bike??


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