a magical weekend with bountiful treasures

The way I get excited about mundane things I might as well work at Disney (R)…or be a marketing copy writer. Hmmm, how ’bout that? If you last recall, I went on and on about the miracle of pumpkin seeds and pomegranates. Well, this weekend was a real treat! I think a deserved treat too after such a long week–month really–of prolonged hours and hard work.

We, the crew, went shopping at the outlets to replace my recently depreciated wardrobe (which had met misfortune in a laundry accident). I budgeted some money anyway for play since this was an “extra” pay check. Oh how I love months with three pay periods. Not to mention I won the dessert contest at the work-sponsored Halloween party, which provided additional purchasing power. (I made Brownie Batter Kitty Spatter, which was just a gross pile of brownie cat terds in grape nuts. It was disgusting but tasty.) We headed out before noon and hit lots of outlet stores, which was not made easier by the heavy rains that occurred only when I wanted to go outside.

Mel and Vance got quite a haul–lots of clothes and nether garments, too. I tried to get them to diversify their color selections but they still only bought blue and brown items…except for a controversial bathroom rug (green). The three of us may very well have brought the economy out of the recession. We literally filled the trunk and back seat with bags of fantastic merchandise…often greatly discounted. For instance, I got more than $300 worth of merch from Banana Republic (R) for only $41. It was ridiculous. Then I bought more good deals and more great deals and a few discounted but not really great deal deals. I spent a few hundred bucks, but I got a seriously expanded and replenished wardrobe. It was badly needed too, and I know what you’re thinking. I did not get all polos and shirts, but I did get some. I got many new sweaters, half zips, different casual t-shirt type things, different pants that are super cute, and even a blazer. I also bought cookie cutters and a cute little foot stool so I can watch TV like the prince I am.

There came a time in our shopping, however, where the rushing around and constant trying of things on and buying things became too much and we needed to employ an emergency food delivery system. That system, which is usually KFC (R) in this situation due to its beneficial proximity, was to be Chipotle (R) today. However, an unnamed party (Vance) hadn’t previously verified the very existence of said restaurant at that location. FAIL! We back tracked to the local Jardin Olive–barely making it inside without dying of starvation–only to find a wait. There was self seating in the bar area so we busted a move and took over this table as someone got up. Unfortunately there was no longer a server for that table? La deuxieme perdu! Luckily the host came over and took care of us, and we loved him and tried to adopt/employ him. We gave him lots of money as he literally saved our lives and day because we had neither the physical nor emotional strength to go to another location if we couldn’t get served. Never before had food tasted sooooo good, and we ate so much. It was amazing.

After shopping I had more pomegranates. SCORE! Then I made what we call Jesus Bread TM. It’s a delicious bread made of wheat flour, water, honey, salt, and yeast. THAT’S IT. It’s sooooo good because you roll it out and cut it into individual pieces. MMMMMMM. I also marinated London Broil for dinner tomorrow night, which will be good. I am super domestic apparently.


One Response to a magical weekend with bountiful treasures

  1. PauvrePlume says:

    Please tell me that Melanie didn’t buy more of those heinously pastel colored “non-wrinkle” oxfords from Eddie Bowser!!!!!! Also, did you score anything at J-Screw? because that’s my favorite.

    Now, what is this Kitty Splatter stuff? Can you air-mail me some? along with Mel’s chocolate-chip cookie bars? Thanks.

    Vance cracks me up. Don’t be mean to him. He means well.

    Miss you guys! I wish I were there to play…

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