oh sheradon, what a weekend

Actually, I didn’t much this weekend at all. On Saturday I slept it until it was time to go to my 90-minute massage. Then I went to look at puppies and kittens at the pet store while purchasing some kitty yum yums. Of course I needed some groceries since I have been hella poor, so that was next. Then we all stayed in and watched a movie whilest dining on some delicious steaks. Oh Sheridan is always making steaks…the finest steaks you’ve had no doubt. (I’ve been watching the BBC’s Keeping Up Appearances, and I love it. Check it out because it’s like British Mama’s Family with snob appeal. Fantastic!)

On Sunday, I went for a bike ride around the neighbor hood–the commune area more specifically–looking for viable pomegranate trees. You see, there is a high density of publicly available trees (meaning you don’t have to climb into someone’s yard to grab fruit and run), and I think I’ve gone over this before. These public-domain trees provided no more viable poms because they’ve all split open. Pom season is officially over. That is, unless I want to pay $3 at the store. HA! I scouted out other trees, and I got some persimmons while they are still around. I saw lemons, oranges, and HUGE grapefruits that will be ready over the coming months. Nothing is quite ready yet, but I have my eye on this lemon tree. Oh I’m so excited about it. It almost makes up for the fact that there is no snow here. Although the constant beautiful weather helps make up for that, too. I did some Christmas decorations and SLIPPERS!!! YEY! You must always wear slippers here because there is no carpet and the dogs make the floor wet so socks aren’t optimal. These slippers were from Target and they are sooo comfy but half open so you don’t get too hot. I enjoy them thoroughly Finally, I went to the Olive Garden on Sunday by myself because I wanted salad and bread sticks. haha it was yummy.

I am trying to split up my blogging pages, but I can’t seem to create a new post on the page I set up for personal entries. Stay tuned for this, but you should expect more marketing/branding posts in the future.

P.S. If you have the ability to get the LOOPT application for your phone, GET IT and add me! It’s really cool. You should also have an iPhone and add me on the millions of other cool applications, but LOOPT I believe is available on other applications.


One Response to oh sheradon, what a weekend

  1. Cess-luh says:

    Again, you are a freakin with your iDiscussions.
    Furthermore, what’s this about slippers that grant access to your toxic foot odor?! For someone so concerned with the environment, I would think you would be anti-David-food-stank-infestation.
    In conclusion, what up with the fruit obsession, you fruit?

    ps) you just totally made me hungry for OG breadsticks. Thanks a lot, you meanie.

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