oh winter, thither rest no more

I am so excited about the holidays, and I’m excited that I’m excited. It’s nice to see that regardless of my location, I am ridiculously festive. I though perhaps this year I wouldn’t be as much in the Christmas spirit because of the lack of snow. Well, I must say my heart does wrench when the news plays images of lake-effect snow and also when I look at the forecast for Ohio on my iPhone, but I think I’ll be OK. If you read my last post, you know that this season is currently beautiful and being able to ride around town on a bike and grab fruit from trees everywhere you look is pretty freaking cool. I mean, it’s fucking awesome, and I love it. It’s not snow, but it’s enough to keep me distracted for now. And, I guess it’s cool that I can go ride a bike in November in a T-shirt and sandals.

For Thanksgiving, I will be going up to the mountains to Vance’s parents’ house. This is cool for a variety of reasons: 1) something to do 2) four-day weekend (read with Oprah’s style) 3) Christmas tree cut fresh from the forest for $10, and for those of you who don’t know (because I didn’t), it doesn’t kill the tree. They just cut it high enough so it keeps growing. You can do that with pine trees. How sustainable! 4) MOST importantly–the potential for snow. I haven’t looked into the possibility of it actually being there, but I do know that it’s getting a lot cooler this next week. And, although Southern California is on fire, NorCal could get some snow in the mountains. That would be lovely. I am vury hopeful of that.

Finally, I can’t wait to go home for Christmas! I am so excited to see everyone. I need to schedule final times into my phone, although I think I have general ideas. Even though my family isn’t buying me presents–which I hate by the way (Hint Hint)–it will be so fun to play for a whole week. I even have some play money budgeted to see all my friends for dinners and drinks, etc. A good time to be had by all.

All in all, I’m pleased with my ability to adjust to Christmas and winter in California. It’s not Ohio, but…it’s not Ohio. It kind of balances out, at least for this year. Until I am rolling around in a baby pool of ice cubes wearing nothing but a wool hat and mittens, I think we’re good here. But, in the meantime, I request that you send me pictures of snow and winter at ALL TIMES! FOR REAL!

I would also like a holiday card–preferably from recycled paper or well-managed forests–so I can feel like I have friends. And send them early with your return address label so I can send you one back and enter you into my iDatabase.
David Carr
3416 Breton Ave.
Davis, CA 95616


2 Responses to oh winter, thither rest no more

  1. Cess-luh says:

    You are way too iTech for me, Monsieur iPhone iDatabase.


    ps) I’ll totally send you a Christmas card.
    pss) aren’t you worried about internet freakazoids having your address?!

  2. shea says:

    Oh I have plenty of snow here! I will send you some pictures if I can stand to go out in it.

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