Christmas decorations are up and coming

I’m always one to be festive for the holidays. In fact, when I was a wee child, I used to decorate the house with the Christmas lights on those frigid, windy nights. Then I got lazy, but I’d still decorate the house. And you can’t stop me from buying little holiday nick-nacks for every corner of the homestead. In this respect I admit I am, again, like a senior citizen. I love a lot of the gaudy gramma crap…CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

This week I decorated my office at work with window gels and an ornament cookie jar that now house candy…how drole! I have a few little stockings hung on my tackable surfaces as well as a decorative tree and more! You’d think that’d be enough, but just you wait until I get into the dollar store (the untold secret to holiday success). I love all the shit they have in there…it’s so cute. I got 15 items to decorate my sister’s house with, and some are adorable. Others are just space occupiers, but hey, it takes a lot to fill a house with Christmas joy. Next I was off to target to get a few other items as well as storage for this collection of favorites. I got a cute wooden box calendar thingy–whose name escapes me–and some santa statue. What can I say, I love the holidays.

Of course, I had to rush out and get a lot of stuff early because I left everything holiday-related at home in Cleveland. I did bring my new collection of tree ornaments, but that doesn’t help me quite just yet. I’ve even asked my mumms to send me some of my lightweight decorations via courier so I can add them to the decor. She did, and I’ll have them shortly! I’ll see what else I can snag whilest at home, and of course, let’s not forget the after-Christmas sales! That’s how I obtained my complete ornament collection.


2 Responses to Christmas decorations are up and coming

  1. Cecile says:

    Holy shite, Davis! Did you purchase one of those wooden advent calendars from Target??? If you did, I am mASSively jealous because I totally want one. Buttmunch.

    Oh, did Smell tell you I’m going to be mooching off of you guys and staying with you for a couple days at Christmas (in Ohio, I mean)?? True story. Get ready for your pseudo-soeur!!!!!!

  2. Allison says:

    I wish that you were here to decorate my office, it needs some help.

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