Superstar Photo Shoot

You know how you kind of want to share something, but it doesn’t really warrant a blog entry? Or you could update your Facebook status, or set an away message via AIM, but it seems a little long in length or ephemeral. That’s when you start using Twitter. I’ve been experimenting with Twitter for a little bit now, and I’m going to make a concerted effort to “tweet” more frequently. I cannot update this page via Twitter, but I can send a tweet with a link about a new blog post. The great thing is that it will automatically update my Facebook status as well. It’s pretty comprehensive. I’ve got all possible networking utilities tied together in as many ways as possible to make communicating with me easy, fun, and pretty unavoidable. My account name is davidryancarr or’m not sure how you search for me), and I hope you start using it. Of course I’ll still be updating here, but with the holidays and all it will be good to have a tweeteration supplement.


One Response to twitter

  1. naomi says:

    tweet tweet!

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