donner v donder and the approaching holiday

As it may come of no surprise to you, I was listening to my grammar podcasts instead of socializing this weekend. Actually Friday night was wicked cool, and I was at the office’s scaled-down holiday party. It still turned out to be a lot of fun, and I got totally drunk because I drank a bottle of wine. They love sushi here, but I don’t so much. I did try it, but not having any food in my stomach could have contributed to my state of sobriety. The party continued to an uppity bar that had the best drink ever. It was vodka, apple juice (the dark gold, sugary kind), and some kind of herb. I was too drunk to remember, but I think it was sage. The resulting drink was an amazing elixir that tantalized me into oblivion. I will have that again soon. Then a few of us headed over to my favorite pizza place and closed the joint down…I’m sure the waiter loved that. It was the best night ever, and my feet hurt sooo bad I was hobbling. I shouldn’t have worn my pointy bedazzled wizard shoes, but oh well.

This week marks the final countdown (sound the marching band trumpet) to my Christmas Vacation. It’s such an event, I’ve decided it’s worthy of being a proper noun. It will be one hell of a week at work because lots of people will be taking of the next two weeks, so marketing has to get everything done NOW. CRAZY BUSY! Hopefully I’ll be able to stay focused because I really need to, and I’ll need the busy distraction. I’m soooo excited to see everyone and hopefully see snow and to have a familiar setting for the holidays. It will feel just right I think. I don’t even know how I’ll get through this week with all the preparations of laundry, packing, and getting stuff to take home. Let’s not forget that we have to deal with the animals, and that will be a plan itself. I think I may publish my tentative activities calendar for the week on facebook so everyone can see when I’m free. It will be, more than ever, and appointment-based Christmas.

Now, since we’re on the subject of Christmas and grammar podcats, it has always been my thing to participate in the Donner v Donder controversy. Of course I’m talking about the reindeer, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re unimportant. Every time I here “Donner” instead of “Donder,” which is 98% of the time, I immediately correct it. People always fight back and say it is in fact “Donner.” Well, I decided to dig into it a little more, and it turns out both are correct. “Donner” is the latest evolution because it was softened over times by some author. “Donder” actually is a middle version, and not the original name as I once thought. It turns out in fact that this little deer’s name was actually “Dunder,” as is Dunder Mifflin (paper) or Trouser Dunder (terd). Surprised? That’s not all! “Blitzen” is not so innocent either. Right along with Dunder, her name is actually “Blixem.” There names were changed over time to soften and facilitate rhyme scheme. I guess they mean thunder and lightning, respectively, in German. So, from now on, you’ll hear me say: “Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer, now Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Dunder, and Blixem.” For bike cops who wear shorts outside new mini malls…now haberdash, haberdash, haberdash all.


One Response to donner v donder and the approaching holiday

  1. shea says:

    Please check your grammar podcast for the spelling of “terd”. I am a follower of the Olde English spelling “turd” which is German for “Sorry I took so long in the bathroom…pffrt.”

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