a new look and purpose

You may have noticed a fresher look to the blog. It seems a bit generic and citrusy, but I was following in Walmart’s footsteps. I’ve decided to make this an all-out professional blog. Now, don’t go getting all in a tizzy. I’ll still use my crass analyses, but I will only be blogging about marketing and public relations items henceforth…for the most part. You see, now that I use Twitter for all of my constant personal “tweets,” I feel it’s redundant to blog about them again. You should follow me on twitter. It’s easy and hooked up to Facebook.

As far as the blog, I’ve refreshed it a bit. I’m going with more of a discussion-based approach. I ask a lot of questions in my analyses anyway, so why not actually expect you to answer them? ha! Anyway, you’ll see more B(R)ANDING skits and now I’m trying to figure out a title for my PR collection. Any suggestions?


One Response to a new look and purpose

  1. Allison says:

    Boo! ( and not like a ghost…more so unsatisfied)

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