B(R)ANDING: Did BP Dis”Connect”?

It’s funny when you move to another state because you find yourself missing strange things: restaurants, family, and even gas stations. While I am quite content with my Chevron out here, I do miss my Ohio BPs and especially my Sheetz. Oh how I miss Sheetz. They do have BPs out here in the form of Arco, but you must pay with either cash or a debit card (which charges a fee) and that is hell. They don’t have many nice gas station stores like Ohio does, or at least I haven’t seen them. They do have am/pm, which is Arco’s equivalent to Cleveland’s BP Connect…or at least it was. I was recently in Cleveland for the birth of our lord when I noticed that all Connects were now am/pm stores. WHAT THE?! Is this a national branding campaign or simplification of brands? What’s the story? BP has been touting its use of Amoco fuels for at least a decade, and now there was this overwhelmingly blue sign that I didn’t understand. It was all over the Cleveland stores…some additive. It made me think they were changing the gasoline. Has anyone else noticed this change? Have you been inside the stores? Is it just a brand change or what’s up? I’m pretty sure all the other stuff is the same. Thirst Oasis remains in tact for fountain soda, and the coffee is one to inquire about further. In Ohio, it’s Wild Bean; I’m not sure about here. I will say I like the fact that BP’s brand’s are recognizable and transferable across the county, but I don’t like unadvertised bait and switches. Granted I live in California now, but I expected a letter or at least a gift card.


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