a historical p(R)esident

Alright folks, it’s time we talked about it: the branded candidate. Barack Obama single-handedly redefinded the entire communications process for a campaign: grass roots public relations, a unified branding strategy, and media roadblocking capabilities like we’ve never seen before (meaning no matter where you look and what you do, he was there in some form). It’s one thing for him to have thrown a lot of money at his campaign–which he indeed did do–but it’s another to become an actual product (so to speak). I don’t know how he is so up to date on everything, but he is. Blogs, video addresses, Web site materials, you name it he did it…what’s more is he will continue to do it. Perhaps having a younger candidate is paying off. I admit I admired his approach the entire time (marketing wise), but I love the fact that he is going to continue now that he is in office. During his inauguration (the first one), the new www.whitehouse.govlaunched. Have you ever gone there before? I am willing to bet it never got so many hits. And, it looks good. That’s the thing that really impresses me; he is not just trying new media and communication strategies to stay “in the loop,” he is communicating to the world successfully through a myriad of channels.

Now, for those of you marketers, you have to love his image. Never before has anyone been so organized and pretty. I have posted a logo series of his to the left. It’s super cute. Some may argue that it’s not “official looking” enough, but I think it’s perfect. Plus, you can pretty those up easily, and I just got them from a Web site, so they aren’t all of his logos either. Have you ever seen that for any other president. Aside from a giant “W,” is there any other logo associated with a president for branding purposes? And I’m not talking about random stars and political party colors on signs with slogans that change throughout the campaign…every election has those. Just Google the Obama brand and read up on it to see how it’s different. I think it’s fantastic. I’m looking for other comments on it as well. Let’s leave politics secondary and focus on the branding firstly. Thoughts/opinions? Like the logos and brand identity? Think it’s too much, too soon (or was at the unveiling)? Think it’s generic or not “official” enough?


One Response to a historical p(R)esident

  1. regardless of your political stance, i think it’s very clear that obama’s branding blew mccain’s out of the water, and i love it. and i agree with you, it is perfect!!

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