spring vacation and a catch up on my life

But hark, it’s still winter, you say. Well, technically, and probably where you live, but not here! It’s gorgeous outside, and it has been for a whole month now. In fact, I was supposed to post this a long time ago, but I forgot and hand to update it. Everything is blooming and green and ready for mother nature to reach out and give it a big hug (update: as of today, Mother Nature has thoroughly touched the region). I really hope it doesn’t smell like it did in the fall (update: ugh, it does), though, because that was gross at all times…or the summer because that was constant firey, smokey death. Right now it’s great. My sister, Jenny, came out for vacation, and since I had so much overtime, I took off almost all of the week, too. I was barely functional the day before my vacation, but isn’t that how it goes? (Update: still often not functional)

For our vacation, Jenny got here Saturday night. We were really tired going to the airport to get her. I made Melanie listen to some  new Christian music I had just gotten. She was wearing her bathrobe.

Sunday was fun. We got up and worked out. I even worked out. YEY ME! Then we went for a bike ride to look for more fruit around the neighborhood. We got a few oranges and some lemons. Then we went wine tasting at a stupid place that smelled like rotten apples and had a dumb dog on the counter. I had just brushed my teeth so everything tasted horrible. We then went on a search for citrus trees because I wanted my own lemon tree. I GOT ONE! It’s super cute, and It’s going to be indoor/outdoor, potted of course. It’s a dwarf improved Meyer lemon tree. Hopefully it will grow lemons within a year or I’ll throw it in the street. Did I mention we decided to have Easter early while Jenny was in town? Well that’s what we decided. We didn’t have it on Sunday, but did go to Michael’s and Target to get the stuff. I love both of those stores. I made the cutest little Easter basket. I suppose now that Easter is actually a week away I could consider it again, but I SHALL NOT!

On Monday we had lunch downtown because Melanie had an interview and Vance had to work. I parked at work as I always do when I’m down there. It really is the perfect place to park. Then I got my hair cut at this place that was recommended to me here in Davis. It was pretty cheap and they did a good job, so I will return. Jenny got a pedicure at the same time and read all she could about Days of Our Lives in the magazines. I think I forget what else we did that day. I think I gathered pine cones to decorate the house with, but Melanie yells at me for disturbing nature. (Update: I since got another haircut and more pine cones.)

Tuesday was fun. We went to San Francisco to see Alcatraz for Jenny’s birthday. It was really cool and educational. Too bad they’re going to have to reopen it due to prison overcrowding. Honestly the cells are so small, except for in solitary. I was like, I would WANT solitary. Plus they let them have things that clearly could be used for weapons. There was an audio tour via headphones the whole way, but it was a little too drawn out for us. We made it like half way through and then took them off and started running down the hill to get back on the boat. But, because the audio tour told you how to get out and off the island, we kept running around the basement of this place like trapped mice. Finally we made it off and on to the boat, but we were really hungry then and very crabby. Then we started fighting until we ate. We watched the sealoins while we ate, and they are funny. I am surprised more of the great whites near by don’t come in and eat them. We were going to go to this cool museum, but we were tired and left. On the way we thought about getting a DQ ice cream cake, but it is literally impossible to get one in California. I hate that. We did, however, get to ride in the carpool lane and went super fast all the way home. At night we chilled and I worked a little bit.

Wednesday I slept in. We died Easter eggs, and I worked a little bit more. Then we went for a walk to clean up garbage around the neighborhood as well as collect favorable recyclables to take to the materials recovery facility. Jenny and I then went shopping at the outlets and I finally got the book copy of Getting Things Done to complement my audio copy. We, of course, had Olive Garden. There was a waitress trying way too hard on this one table that for sure was not going to tip her well. For goodness sake they ordered steaks at the OG.

Thursday I think I can’t remember what we did because it’s been nearly a month. Friday we went gambling at the Cache Creek Casino. It was fun, but I didn’t understand how to do it. I think I know how know, but I’ll stick to certain slots next time. Vance had to work, so he didn’t go with us.

Now I have finished my Getting Things Done book and am implementing the steps into my life. I am working on some things this weekend. I recommend the book to everyone.

I have also continued my exercise and dieting. For two weeks I did Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch and some celery for snacks, but nothing else until dinner. Well, it wasn’t easy, so I kind of ate whatever I wanted at night…including tons of Reese’s peanut butter eggs. YUMMY! They are my downfall. So, since I was able to stick with it, I decided to join Weight Watchers and kick it up a notch. This, of course, meant kicking all the night time snackeration to the way side. I think because I had the two-week intro diet, and because I am 1000,0000000 pounds and get a million points of food, that I was able to adjust to WW fairly easily. I’ve been on it for two weeks now, and I’m doing well. I lost a lot the first week. This week we’ll see what I lost. I am pretty good about staying in my points and counting absolutely everything. I exercise at least a few times a week. I’ve started running again, but only on dirt; my body can’t take the impact of pavement.

California is sooo pretty. Today was just one of those gorgeous days. I have been looking for jobs for my sister to move out here because she is stupid and won’t look herself.


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  1. shea says:

    I’m glad you are happy out there. It sounds like a lot of fun.

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