The most annoying modern advertising media (in my life) and my predictions for the future

An movie finding application on the iPhone. A significant part of the screen is dedicated to advertising.

A movie-finding application on the iPhone. A significant part of the screen is dedicated to advertising.

Technology advances are fantastic, but they have their drawbacks. As advertisers try to market products to an increasingly ad-averse consumers, they must get more cretive to reach their target audiences. I’ve chosen a few “modern” annoying advertising strategies that were/are reallllly annoying and/or are leading the way to the end of the world. Don’t get me wrong; I love advertising. The difference is I think consumers need to think about their decisions to be so ad-averse. Think about when you want to watch commercials. If we all fast forward through them, advertisers will find other ways, like at the bottom of the screen during the show we want to watch. Just some food for thought: you can’t get away from advertising without consequences.

5. Pop-up Internet Ads. Okay, so these are still considered modern in my book. There was a time when you couldn’t click on anything without a dozen ads popping up. Who ever thought that was a good idea? Someone did apparently. Web 2.0 sharpened it up a bit, and just WAIT for 3.0…it’s supposed to be as innovative as the steps we’ve made since 1.0.

4. Social Networking Ads. This is actually why I deleted my MySpace account. I’m not talking about the banner ads here. I’m talking about the sex ads and naked picture posts that rocked the site for a while. I’m not sure if they still do, but there have been issues with other social networking tools like AOL Instant Messenger’s fake buddies.

3. Interjecting Web-page  Ads. Excuse me, do you have time for this survey? Or worse yet, ads that break up the middle of what you’re reading, so you often think the article is finished before it actually is. I would call these an acceptable pop-up ad because they’re less invasive. And, because I find surveys irresistible, I often do them. Still, I think anything but standard Web page ads are annoying and superfluous.

2. Phone Advertising. Ever get a text message for a special service from your phone provider? It’s test marketing for negative reaction to mobile marketing. Americans are fiercely territorial of cell-phone marketing, and aren’t likely to be open to mass marketing soon. Other countries are completely the opposite, so it’s just a matter of time. Enter the iPhone. I cringe when I think about it because the iPhone’s user-created applications opened to door to unlimited phone advertising. Now all the free applications are creating updates that include “ad support.” Most people think, “Oh, no big deal,” but it’s actually a HUGE deal for advertisers. For Americans to even accept any advertising on a phone they pay for is a foreign concept. The iPhone kind of allowed back-door advertising that is going to increase dramatically over the next year and lead to even more mobile advertising across the board.

1. TV pop-up advertising. One of the newest (kind of) and most favorite forms of advertising. The little faint words telling you what’s on and what’s next or “STAY TUNED FOR…” have been around for a long time. About a year ago, certain channels began using pop-up ads to market new shows. I swear if I saw another Bill Engval ad I was going to kill myself. Family Guy recently spoofed them saying “friends shoving each other” will be followed by an all-new “slowly rotating black guy.” It’s funny, but that’s how it is. If consumers will not watch regular commercials because they fast forward with their DVRs, advertisers will start advertising during the show. Right now it’s all other TV shows. Soon it will be “this program is sponsored by Cadillac” popping up. Then you’ll see tampons and other stupid stuff. TV may well evolve into an endless ad. THAT’S what you get for not watching commercials! So think about it the next time you fast forward.


One Response to The most annoying modern advertising media (in my life) and my predictions for the future

  1. Jen says:

    I will tell you this is why i love the commercials on Hulu…they are never more than 30 seconds of an interruption to my show and they are hilarious! Especially the intel ones and I saw another hilarioud one the other day, but I cant remember what it was about now.

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