target on the up and up

Well I figured this was worth at least a quick post. You’ve probably noticed some changes in packaging at your local Target. Target re-launched semi-recently (months ago) it’s private-label for household goods. “Up and Up,” will now replace the company’s traditional “Target brand” brand. The re-brand comes in the midst of the shitstorm economy that has drawn business away from other profitible commodities and has moved the focus square on essentials. The new look, however, gave me pause. Re-branding can be risky in a down economy. People start to wonder if the quality of products were a driver for the changeup. But, with more people buying only essentials and choosing store brands over national brands to save more money, the gamble is probably worth it. More than 800 of Target’s new arrow-laden products will usurp the bullseye on the shelf by September (2009). And what are those arrows pointing to? Perhaps a subconscious upturn of the economy? I’m not sure, but they may be pointing to the door so Spot (the white Target dog that was spattered by PETA) can hit the road like his bullseye.


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